In a Hidden Place

In a Hidden Place explores tensions that exist between the natural world and urban culture. These photographs depict quiet clearings and paths within city parks, hidden away from the well-traveled public areas. Some pictures show traces of a human presence, while others depict a so-called natural environment, with only a hint of some usage implied. These scenes, whether exploited or natural, evoke a sense of an improvised domestic space, one that questions the nature of what a habitation could be.

By blending scenes that depict traces of human use with scenes that present an absence of these elements, I want the viewers to take a journey through the images much in the same way that I did. I am aspiring to have the pictures portray the same sense of peering in and uncovering a hidden, almost archaeological site. Additionally, I want to convey a feeling of moving further into concealed areas that lie deeper into more obscured parts of these parks. The In a Hidden Place photographs are about disorienting layers of meaning found in any act of revealing what lies hidden away in places that are very often found in plain sight, but frequently overlooked.